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  • In order to register occupation accident, disease or death, employers are encouraged to register and get an online account that will be used for easier management of employees' occupational incidents. This account will enable employer to register occupational incidents, upload supporting documents and get the status progress of the claim register including benefit payment process and reviewed applications.
  • Online account requires user to have email address and mobile phone number. Online account credentials will be known to user only and no other person should know the password for security and confidentiality.

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Documentations and support

This section provides a detailed document with general overview of the system in terms of hardware & software requirements, configuration, user access and permission and under this section our customers and stakeholders can contact with us through various means as listed below;

  • Email Address:
  • Call Center: 0800 110028/0800 110029
  • Postal Address: P.O Box 79655 Dar Es-Salaam,Tanzania

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